RAG EVENT – Cigars On The Terrace

  • 15th July 2022
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Cigars On The Terrace

Friday 15th July 2022 at 18.00 / £25.00 per person* / *The ticket includes one cigar per person and a beer on arrival

The House Hoyo de Monterrey dates back to 1865, the year when the cigar factory bearing the name opened in Havana.

Innis & Gunn will be 20 next year so some way behind in the heritage stakes. Nevertheless, the Glasgow brewers have already developed a range of cask-matured beers that dovetail with such island delights.

The Epicure Especial is a signature aperitif smoke. Enjoy the combination of Innis & Gunn’s  The Original, matured in a single malt whisky cask and this Cuban classic on the Ribbon Bar & Terrace. The cigar’s extra length and robust girth provide a framework for flavours of delicate spices, concluding with notes of leather and cedar, according to Hunters & Frankau. The perfect outdoor summer cigar and ultimate preface to supper, apparently? An invitation to try one for yourself if ever there was.

The I&G Original, honey-hued to the eye, is a product of three – Ale, Crystal and Amber – malts and after maturing offers a smoothness and depth of flavour featuring hints of vanilla, toffee and oak. If the warm summer evening for which we hope graces the day, will blend effortlessly with the night’s smoke and keep away any pangs of thirst; book now to avoid disappointment.

For more information and to book tickets please follow the link below to the dedicated BA page on The Rag’s website using the Members Event section. RAG/BA Introduction