Sun shines on the October Passing-out Parade

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  • Date: Monday 14th October 2013
Sun shines on the October Passing-out Parade Sun shines on the October Passing-out Parade

The passing-out-parade at Britannia Royal Naval College in October celebrated the formal commissioning of 58 new Royal Navy Officers.

In the most glorious October sunshine family and friends gathered to watch the parade which was the culmination of 30 weeks’ intensive training for the newly qualified Officers.  They were joined on the parade ground by 20 foreign nationals, who had been sent by their country’s Navy to train alongside their British counterparts, and 10 former Senior Ratings, who had been promoted to the Officer Corps from the ranks.  The inspection and passing-out-parade salute was taken by Vice Admiral Alan Richards, the Chief of Defence Intelligence.

One Young Officer passing-out was Sub Lt Wayne Henaghen, the son of the BRNC 1st Lieutenant. He  started his training in February and has an ambition to be a helicopter observer, assigned to the new Lynx Wildcat.   The 24-year-old said:  “Growing up around the lifestyle, attending families’ days and hearing all Dad’s stories was a massive influence on my career choice.  I was also part of the Royal Marines section of the Combined Cadet Force at school and I really enjoyed the camaraderie.  It’s been a testing 30 weeks.  The leadership element is just one part of the course, but there are a lot other things to get to grips with such as getting on with people and being organised.  It’s also been an interesting challenge having Dad here, separating our home life from our professional one, but I think we managed it.  It’s had one perk in that if I needed anything from home I could always call on a courier.”
Royal Navy Officer training is split into three distinct 10 week phases known as Militarisation, Marinisation and Initial Fleet Time.  The first two phases take place predominately at the historic College, but also using the local area, such as Dartmoor and the River Dart, to provide a challenging environment in which to prepare the Officer Cadets for their future roles.

The Commanding Officer of BRNC, Captain Jerry Kyd said:  “These Cadets have risen to the challenge of initial naval training for Officers and thoroughly deserve their place on the parade ground.  They have all spent the last 10 weeks at sea consolidating the skills we have taught them and gaining valuable experience on the day-to-day running of an operational warship.  Some have been embarked in HMS Illustrious deployed on Operation Cougar 13, where they have been able to witness frontline training with other nations and the Royal Marines.  Others have been fortunate enough to have been assigned to HMS Daring, one of the Royal Navy’s newest Type 45 destroyers, operating in the Pacific.  They now have the opportunity to build on the foundations which have been laid here at BRNC and I hope they go on to maximise their potential while also taking advantage of all the opportunities that a Royal Navy career has to offer.”

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