RFA Cadets Passing-out Parade at BRNC

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  • Date: Wednesday 20th November 2013
RFA Cadets Passing-out Parade at BRNC RFA Cadets Passing-out Parade at BRNC RFA Cadets Passing-out Parade at BRNC

A group of 22 Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Officer Cadets have celebrated the end of their initial training with a parade at Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) attended by their families and friends.The group have undergone an eight week bespoke training course to learn how to operate in a military environment, with the focus on developing their leadership skills and coaching and mentoring techniques.   The course is based on the training provided to Royal Navy Officer Cadets. 

Captain Jerry Kyd, the Captain BRNC, said:  “The Royal Fleet Auxiliary plays a vital part in maritime operations, keeping warships fully supplied which in turn gives the Royal Navy the capability of remaining at sea on task anywhere in the world.  Although the RFA is made up of civilians, the fleet is fully integrated into the Royal Navy command and control system.  Therefore it is only right that the RFA Cadets are trained alongside their Royal Navy counterparts, which is of enormous benefit to both parties.  The Cadets on parade have worked hard to attain the standards required and I wish them well in their future careers.”

Most of the RFA Cadets joined the Service straight from education or civilian employment and on leaving BRNC will move to the Fleetwood Nautical College for a three year course in their chosen specialisation. Four were recruited from commercial companies and are already qualified in their specialism.  They will now undergo a further year’s training to become familiar with the vessels that make up the RFA Fleet and the safety procedures. 

Officer Cadet Ryan Kean from Ayrshire in Scotland who celebrated his 18th birthday during his time at BRNC.  On leaving the College he will undergo further training to qualify as a marine engineer.  Ryan reflecting about the course, said:  “It has been interesting.  The two exercises on Dartmoor were horrible at the time, but looking back on them they weren’t that bad.  Completing them gave me a huge sense of achievement and collectively they were a great boost to the morale of the class as we all passed.”

Third Officer (3/O) Chris Pearce, from Plymouth, qualified as a systems engineer at City College Plymouth.   The 25-year-old said:  “A few of my friends are in the Merchant Navy and they have friends in the RFA.  I did some research and decided that joining the RFA would be an all round great opportunity to combine everything that I enjoy. Although I’ve had experience in managing people through my apprenticeship, this has taught me how to lead people in an emergency situation.  The seamanship aspect of the course was completely new to me and I quite enjoyed the marching and the military style of life.  Some of the lectures I’ve had here have been the best I’ve ever attended, particularly those given by the Royal Navy Leadership Academy.”

The passing-out-parade salute was taken by Commodore Robert Dorey, Commodore RFA.   The successful RFA Cadets were joined on the parade ground by three platoons of Royal Navy Cadets who are currently in the second phase of their 30 week initial naval training course.  The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Commando Training Centre provided the musical accompaniment

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