New Captain for BRNC

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  • Date: Tuesday 18th February 2014
New Captain for BRNC New Captain for BRNC

Britannia Royal Naval College has a new man at the helm with Captain Henry Duffy relieving Capt Jerry Kyd as the Commanding Officer on Wednesday 11th February.
Capt Duffy first arrived at the world-renowned Naval College in 1987 for his own initial training.  Speaking of his new appointment he said:  “I feel truly honoured and privileged in taking Command of the Naval College, it is an institution that had a profoundly positive effect on me and indeed my career as a young man over 25 years ago.  I am also acutely aware of the vital job BRNC undertakes in preparing the Royal Navy’s future leaders for the inevitable challenges they will face on operations, protecting the UK’s interests at home and abroad – a responsibility, with my new team, I look forward to taking on.”
Prior to taking up his new appointment Captain Duffy was the Captain Surface Ships, Portsmouth Flotilla. He has served on board six warships in various roles including two as the Commanding Officer.  While assigned to HMS Sheffield he was involved in the relief effort following Hurricane Mitch in the Caribbean.  As the Commanding Officer of HMS Liverpool Capt Duffy had the honour of hosting Her Majesty The Queen during a State visit to Estonia.  He was part of the United Kingdom Maritime Battle Staff during Operation Telic, the liberation of Iraq, based in the Middle East.  He has held a number of appointments working within the Ministry of Defence and at Navy Command Headquarters in Portsmouth.  Earleir in his career Captain Duffy also completed the Royal Marines Commando Course and was awarded the coveted Green Beret. 
Captain Duffy hails from Halewood in Liverpool and is a passionate supporter of Liverpool Football Club and the England Rugby team.  He is married to Lisa and has two sons, Henry, aged 14 and Finn, aged 13.
Captain Jerry Kyd left the College after 17 months in charge for his next appointment on promotion to Commodore is as the Commander United Kingdom Task Group (COMUKTG) based in Plymouth.

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