International Display

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  • Date: Monday 3rd November 2014
International Display International Display

International cadets under training at Britannia Royal Naval College shared their culture and traditions with their UK counterparts. A total of 53 international students currently on course at BRNC took part in the College’s ‘International Day’, organised by Chief Petty Officer Bill Amery, one of their instructors.  As well as wearing their own national dress or military uniform, the international cadets manned exhibition stands displaying information about their countries, culture and religions. 
Lieutenant Alex Lassoued, BRNC’s International Student Liaison Officer, said:  “The international cadets play a huge part in the day-to-day life of the College as they train alongside Officer Cadets destined for a career in the Royal Navy.  This was a chance for the internationals to give their UK peers, the College staff and each other a flavour of their own countries.  They put a tremendous amount of effort into preparing for the day and in total 23 countries were represented from all over the world, including the Middle East, the Caribbean and Africa.   Some of the displays even had traditional sweet snacks for everyone to sample. The strong coffee at the Oman stand was particularly popular.” 
Visiting the College on that day was BA member Michael Foster-Williams and his wife Diana. “The International Day on the Quarter Deck was indeed an added bonus”, they remarked. “We thought they did well not only with their English but with the displays they managed to put together”.

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