Reunion Muster

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  • Date: Monday 3rd November 2014
Reunion Muster Reunion Muster Reunion Muster

The class of 1964 gathered at Britannia Royal Naval College in mid September

to mark the 50th anniversary of their joining the Royal Navy and to recreate their passing-out parade. A total of 135 former Officer Cadets, known as the Murray 64, took part in the three-day reunion in Dartmouth, which culminated in the parade. Captain Henry Duffy, the current Captain of BRNC, was invited to take the salute.

The weekend’s events were organised by Greg Cumming, who retired from the Royal Navy in 1997 as a Commander Weapons Engineering.  He said:  “After joining today’s Cadets for church and coffee, 100 of the former Cadets took part in the parade and marched past to the music provided by the British Imperial Military Band.  A recording of a 1984 address by Lieutenant Frank Trickey was played after the march past, which stirred many memories.     Lieutenant Trickey was the Parade Training Officer during our time as Cadets and was well known throughout the Navy for his booming voice and strict discipline. He has sadly since passed away.  At the end of the parade Captain Duffy gave an address and the new entry Cadets, lined up around the parade ground, gave three cheers in our honour.  We were delighted to respond with an equally resounding three cheers.   The weather was fantastic for the whole weekend and it was a great opportunity to meet old friends and reminisce.”

The weekend’s celebrations also included a dinner for 241 of the ex-Cadets and their ladies, which took place in the Senior Gun-Room of the College.  Lord Janvrin, Her Majesty The Queen’s former Private Secretary, presided over the dinner while Captain James Luard was the main speaker



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