Armistice Day marked

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  • Date: Friday 14th November 2014
Armistice Day marked Armistice Day marked Armistice Day marked

Officer Cadets and staff gathered on the parade ground at Britannia Royal Naval College to observe the two minute silence on Armistice Day.  

The Cadets then gathered on the Quarterdeck and were presented with a copy of a book which was given to their predecessors 100 years ago, reproduced copies of Jane’s ‘Warships at a Glance’ dating from 1914.  The event was a re-enactment of a century ago when the newly arrived Cadets at the Royal Naval College Osborne, would be given copies of the pocket-sized book, containing the silhouettes of ships to help with recognition.

The copy used for the reproduction had been given to Cadet A L Tidd when he joined Osborne in January 1914 and includes the hand written amendments he made to the text as various ships were damaged or sunk.  The reproduced version includes a foreword by Captain Henry Duffy, the Captain BRNC, and an introduction by Mike Pearce, a trustee of the Britannia Museum.  The project to reproduce the book was a joint initiative between the Britannia Museum Trust and University of Plymouth Press.

Dr Jane Harrold, College lecturer and curator of the Britannia Museum, said:  “Cadet Tidd passed out of Dartmouth in December 1916 aged just 16 years old; unlike many of his contemporaries he survived the war. By presenting copies of the book to Tidd’s 2014 counterparts it is hoped to strengthen the bond between Royal Navy Cadets across the generations and ensure the sacrifices made 100 years ago will never be forgotten.  Today’s Cadets were very appreciative and seemed genuinely moved to receive this memento on such a poignant occasion.”


Copies of the book are available for purchase through the BA website shop, priced £16 plus postage and packing .

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