Type 23 Frigate makes a call into Dartmouth

  • Author: Nichola Winstanley
  • Date: Friday 1st April 2016
Type 23 Frigate makes a call into Dartmouth

HMS Monmouth arrived in Dartmouth for a weekend in early March providing Officer Cadets from Britannia Royal Naval College with the opportunity to visit a running warship and gain a greater insight into the career and role they have chosen.

The ship had been working with the new Wildcat helicopters of 825 Naval Air Squadron off the coast of Devon and Cornwall. HMS Monmouth and her sister ship HMS Somerset, have been putting the pilots through their paces as they get used to the new aircraft which will soon replace the workhorse Lynx on many deployments.

HMS Monmouth, the seventh warship to bear the name is informally known as the Black Duke and is unique in the Royal Navy being the only ship to fly a black flag and have a black as opposed to red name plate. 

After her weekend at anchor in the River Dart HMS Monmouth took leave of the harbour to continue with her current tasking.

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