A Day Out with a Difference

  • Author: Nichola Winstanley
  • Date: Tuesday 29th March 2016
A Day Out with a Difference

International Cadets of Anson Division joined forces with the Keep Britain Tidy – BeachCare campaign to show their support for the local community and scour the beaches for litter.  The Cadets taking part were mostly from the Middle East and are at BRNC for their pre-initial naval training course which includes English language lessons and an introduction to military training to prepare the students to undertake the full 30-week course alongside Royal Navy Officer Cadets. 


Chief Petty Officer Bill Amery, the Officer in Charge of Anson Division, who accompanied the Cadets, said: “The Cadets thoroughly enjoyed helping the local community and doing something positive to reduce the marine litter that washes ashore.”


The BeachCare programme, which is supported by South West Water, has been working with a wide array of community groups to take action against marine litter for many years. Since 2010 , 650 cleans have been completed removing over 90 tonnes of litter from Devon & Cornwall’s beaches. Neil Hembrow, BeachCare Officer said: “We’ve seen that volunteer beach cleans can stop the endless tidal cycle of plastics being washed onto our beaches and then taken back out to sea. The more groups we can get out onto the beaches removing it means cleaner seas for generations to come. It’s always a pleasure working with the Officer Cadets from BRNC as they are always motivated to do something really positive for their local area.”

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