Primary School make-over

  • Author: Nichola Winstanley
  • Date: Friday 25th March 2016
Primary School make-over Primary School make-over Primary School make-over

Astute Division from Britannia Royal Naval College, took two days out of their busy programme to lend a hand at Watcombe Primary School in Torquay. They spent their time building raised vegetable enclosures, refurbishing the playground equipment and clearing and renovated the school’s grounds.  The vegetable plots will be used by the after-school Gardening Club and also to emphasise the practical elements of the curriculum that includes healthy eating, self-sustainability and the environment.

Astute Divisional Training Officer Lieutenant David Clark said: ‘It is we develop men and women of good character that will actively embrace any community either locally or overseas.” 

The trainee Officers were invited to have lunch with some of the children, who were excited to have the opportunity to sit with the Officers and ask questions about their chosen career path and training so far.  This theme continued as three of the Officer Cadets and Lt Clark were invited to host the end of week assembly. 

Headmaster of the School, Mr Adam Morris, said:  ‘It has been a real pleasure to welcome the Royal Navy personnel to the school and the children have enjoyed the chance to meet them and learn about the Navy.  The recruits have made an amazing difference to the environmental and gardening areas which means the children can now start their planting with a view to growing vegetables for the school kitchen.  A huge thanks must go to all of them for their help.”

His sentiments were echoed by the Chair of Governors, Mrs Fiona Prior, who said: “We were delighted that the Royal Navy Officers were able to come and help us achieve our aim of creating an environmental area.  It will be an incredible asset to the school and we cannot thank them enough.  The officers demonstrated to the children key attributes that form part of our school aims and ethos - resilience, creativity and reflection - as well as excellent teamwork, commitment and how to be a good citizen.  The children really enjoyed learning about life in the Navy and our children were really inspired by the stories the officers shared with them. We wish them all the best as they move on to the next phase of their training and hope that some of them will come back to see how the garden grows.”

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