Clash of the Titans!

  • Author: Nichola Winstanley
  • Date: Tuesday 24th May 2016
Clash of the Titans! Clash of the Titans! Clash of the Titans!

'The Tamar Games' competed between Britannia Royal Naval College and HMS Raleigh two or three times a year bring together the officer cadets and ratings under training for a competetive yet fun afternoon. In the competition this Spring BRNC narrowly beat HMS Raleigh, by just two points.

Held in HMS Raleigh, Torpoint on this occasion there were seven events to test the competitors including an assault course, Swedish long ball, gig rowing and a 'Superstars' competition to conclude the proceedings.

 The football match was a close run game with BRNC having to field their second team as the College first team was competing in a league match. Speaking at half-time Officer Cadet Wayne Melton said: "Its a good game; we need to put our foot on the ball a bit more and show some composure. We don't know each other very well, the commitment is there and just need to communicate better. It is great to have an international flavour to our team too. There are alot of internationals who come to BRNC for training and they really love their football. They are more than willing to get involved so it is brilliant they volunteer straight away for the football team".

Gig rowing on the River Lynher was a first for most of the HMS Raleigh trainees. Writer Kitchman stated: "I've been in a kayak before and I think our biggest challenge will be steering. There is alot of teamwork required to make sure everyone's in time and we'll need good communication. It's going to be fun and it brings out the competetive spirit".

The competition was neck and neck throughout the day as the different teams triumphed in the different events. BRNC even managed to achieve the fastest time over the assault course.

In the final 'Superstarts' event there were 10 stances ranging from tyre flips to power bag relays. HMS Raleigh managed to pull it back and just maintained their lead in the final stance, a one lap of the parade ground stretcher run, with BRNC closing in on them for the last 100 metres.

Event organiser, Leading Physical Training Instructor Joe McGarry from HMS Raleigh, said: "Overall it has been a great event. All participants showed great determination and commitment throughout".

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