Ladies Tri-Service Surfing Champion for 2016 from BRNC

  • Author: Nichola Winstanley
  • Date: Friday 8th July 2016
Ladies Tri-Service Surfing Champion for 2016 from BRNC

Budding Royal Naval Observer, Sub Lieutenant Sandra Olmesdahl of BRNC, has been crowned the Ladies Tri-Service Surfing Champion for 2016. The 27-year-old also helped the Royal Navy women's team achieve second place overall in the RN/RM Surfing competition held at Penhale Beach, Newquay.

Originally from South Africa, where she competed regularly, Sandra moved to the UK ultimately to join the Fleet Air Arm. The  championship came after a break of seven years in competing having got back into the water properly on completion of the first phase of initial naval training.

It is also of note that Sandra was the runner up in the Men's longboard division and earned her selection for the RN team to face the Army and RAF in the Tri-Service champs.

Sub Lt Olmesdahl said: "It was a great honour to compete with the fantastic men and women of al three Services in this excellent sport. People often ask me what the biggest difference is in surfing the beaches of South Africa and the UK - its a lot colder up here!".


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