Outreach Projects for Officer Cadets

  • Author: Nichola Winstanley
  • Date: Thursday 4th August 2016
Outreach Projects for Officer Cadets Outreach Projects for Officer Cadets

During July teams of officer cadets from BRNC were out and about in the community for their 'outreach' activities, an integral part of initial naval training.

One group spent time working with the Friends of the Dartmouth Community Orchard helping to relay a path making it an all-weather route through the orchard. This ensures suitable access throughout the year. The cadets were the second group to help out; the first had also helped build a pathway and clear alot of scrubland.

Peter Shaw, the Chairman of the Friends of the Dartmouth Community Orchard said: "the cadets have been a huge help to us. The town council has a three and a helf acre sproperty here and a limited budget to manage it, so much of the maintenance is carried out by volunteer labour, which is what the the 'Friends' do. We are all getting on a little now so the guys from the college being able to do some of the heavier work is a huge help".

Some Officer Cadets also visited Beacon Court and Riverview Care Home to do some painting and enjoy some interaction with the residents. They met Mr Mike Horsford who previously worked as a lecturer at the College and Mrs Eunice Williams whose late husband had worked at the college in the Captain's House. OC Matthew Gibbons said: "This is really interesting. Its good to hear about the stuff the residents used to do and to find out that alot is similar to today."

Other places to benefit from the Officer Cadets outreach activities were the Otter and Butterfly Sanctuary at Buckfastleigh and Kingswear Primary School.


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