British and German Connections

  • Author: Nichola Winstanley
  • Date: Wednesday 16th November 2016
British and German Connections British and German Connections

BRNC has always looked to foster excellent relations with her sister Colleges in Europe. A twinning agreement with the Marineschule Mürwik, Flensburg sees a small group of German Navy Cadets spend a week in Dartmouth, training alongside their RN counterparts. Their regular visit coincides with the first leadership challenge of the Initial Naval Training 30-week long course.

Working in mixed teams the Cadets take to the college grounds for a series of tasks based on real-life scenarios. They can find themselves tackling anything from setting up communications to evacuating casualties and protecting vital equipment dropped from a helicopter. The challenges faced are of both a physical and mental nature, testing everyone involved to consider how they both lead and participate as a team member.

Officer Cadet Chris Hooper, aged 32 has chosen to practise medicine in the Royal Navy and is already a qualified doctor. He confessed: “Overall it’s been enjoyable. The physical stresses put upon us we were expecting; but the amount you have to think about and concentrate on and the speed you need to do things, takes a lot of mental effort too. Everything here builds on the stuff already done, but particularly the team-work shows just how closely you have to work together. You can’t do any of this as an individual, you rely on the team and you must know the team; we’ve all got strengths and weaknesses and doing these tasks you should recognise them and play to them. “

The RN cadets are just 7 weeks into their training when this is undertaken whereas the German Naval Academy students are 7 months into their course. German Navy OC Christian Engler (18) said: “Its been very exhausting, but it has been a good experience and very interesting to see what our friends do here.”


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