New PT Centre to be built at BRNC

  • Author: Nichola Winstanley
  • Date: Wednesday 25th January 2017
New PT Centre to be built at BRNC

A new state-of-the-art physical training centre and gymnasium is set to be built at BRNC. The modern facility will include a multi-purpose main hall where Cadets will undergo a disciplined method of military fitness, to develop coordination, individual physical strength and endurance. It will also be kitted out for a wide range of sporting activities including badminton, basketball, netball and football.

Two further activity spaces, two fitness suites and a weights area used for classes and independant cardio vascular training will be included in the build. The new centre will also include storage spaces for equipment, a laundry and drying room, changing rooms and showering facilities, and offices for the PT staff.

It will replace BRNC's existing gym complex which was constructed in the Victorian era, and will be equipped for up to 800 personnel, including cadets and BRNC staff.

Captain Jol Woodard, the Commanding Officer of BRNC, said: "Physical development and competetive sport is an absolutely vital part of initial naval training. Every member of the Service must undergo an annual fitness test and so the ability to exercise and keep fit is very important. The existing gym complex has served us well, but this new PT centre is an essential addition to the facilities here at BRNC that will allow us to deliver 21st century physical training to the standards required by the modern Navy."

The building, which is currently in the planning phase, will be constructed from environmentally friendly materials to minimise emissions and reduce BRNC's carbon footprint, while also improving energy consumptioon and the building's resilience to adverse climate change.

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