Early success for College Netball Team

  • Author: Nichola Aldridge
  • Date: Saturday 18th November 2017
Early success for College Netball Team

The recently formed BRNC netball team returned as winners from their first cmpetetive tournament. They were one of six teams participating in the Royal Navy Western Region grass-roots championships. Having won their way through to the final to face RNAS Yeovilton, the team beat their opponents by one goal, scored in extra time!

Midshipman Hannah Crowson , goal attack for the BRNC team, said: "BRNC didn't have a netball team so we entered having never played together before. We were a very mixed ability team with some who represent the RN in the sport and others who hadn't played since primary school."

Building on their succes the team took on the Torquay Tornados in a friendly match at BRNC, fielding a very different set of players and loosing out by just two goals 45:43. Midshipman Beth Humby, goal shooter said: "it was a tighly contested match. At one point we were 111 or 12 goals behind and managed to bring it right back."

There has always been an underlying theme at BRNC for netball but the team's formation is a way of increasing female particiopation in the sport following on from the College's successful rugby and football teams. LPT Hannah Wiley has been promoting the sport amongst the College population. Beth Humby explained: "Anyone can play it so you may have been involved for quite sometime or just be pickiung it up at the grass-roots level. Most people have a basic understanding having played it at school; that is why I think it is popular."

The team are looking for some friendly matches with the aim to progress. Hannah Crowson said: "I am really keen for other Cadets coming through to take the reins so that netball will continue when we leave. I'd also like people to increase their knoiwledge of the game and aim to come to the RN netball trials in 2018."

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