Potential Officer Acquaint Visit

  • Author: Nichola Aldridge
  • Date: Monday 16th October 2017
Potential Officer Acquaint Visit

An acquaint visit for sailors of all ranks hoping to be promoted to the Officer Corps has been re-invigorated during the Autumn term. 

A group of 24 , ranging from Able Rates to Warrant Officers, made the visit and were briefed on what would be expected of them during their time at BRNC. They enjoyed a tour of the College and were able to witness some training first-hand. 

LtDavid Clark is the BRNC Senior Upper Yardman (SUY) Course Officer. An SUY himself, David was commissioned in 2008. He said: "Most people are worried about coming here; whether they are good enough and learning new concepts. In the group today there was just one who had been here before so hopwfully what they have done today will help to alleviate those fears. They have developed an appreciation of their course, a better understanding of the BRNC output and shared experiences with each other, those currently on course and staff."

Petty Officer (Writer) Tom Brunel, from HMS Talent, was amongst the group. He said: "This visit has enhanced my knowlege of whayt will be expected during my SUY training. I have a real, tangible feeling that I can do this and pass the training. The course has been broken down week by week, what we would be doing, where we would be going. The tour of the grounds and Sandquay was most helpful too. I now know what the accomodation is like, where to find training staff and the protocaol for certain areas, such as saluting the Quarterdeck. 

The RN has a long established ethos of promoting Ratings to the Officer Corps. BRNC provides three SUY courses each year consisting of seven weeks. Upper Yardmen complete the full 29-week course alongside direct entry officers.

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