Reservists Complete Training at BRNC

  • Author: Nichola Aldridge
  • Date: Tuesday 7th November 2017
Reservists Complete Training at BRNC

A project engineer, two surgeons, a security analyst and a vicar were among the latest Royal Naval Reserves to complete their training at BRNC.

Seven OC's spent two weeks at the College to prepare for a role within the RNR. The intense course includes ceremonial training, weapons training, strategic studies, theoretical and practical leadership development as well as gruelling physical training sessions. Three days were spent refining boat skills on the River Dart followed by assessments on Dartmoor and within the grounds of BRNC to determine the fate of pass or fail. 

At the end of the course the Cadets are formally commissioned as Officers during a ceremony attended by the Commodore Maritime Reserves, Commodore Martin Quinn.

BRNC Instructor, Chief Petty Officer Justin Blackford said: "The passing-out parade was an extremely fulfilling moment, to see the proud faces of both the Young officers and their families alike. The YO's will return to BRNC in the future to complete the second part of their initial training and finally consolidate all that they have achieved so far at their Fleet Board. 

The Maritime Reserves is made of the RNR and the Royal Marine Reserve. In many cases reservists are indistinguishable from their regular counterparts. In recent years the Maritime Reserves has been involved in a range of operations including counter-terrorism and anti-piracy work in the Gulf. 

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