BRNC cadets try out Royal Marine training.

  • Author: Nichola Aldridge
  • Date: Thursday 7th December 2017
BRNC cadets try out Royal Marine training. BRNC cadets try out Royal Marine training.

Officer Cadets from BRNC have experience life as a Royal Marine.

Royal Marine Commando basic training is recognised as the longest and most arduous programmes in the world. Royal Navay officer Cadets approaching the end of their own initial training spent a day at the commando Training Centre, Lympstone to get a very small tasteof it.

During their day aquaint they tackled the obstacle course, known throughout the corps as the 'Bottom Field'. RM recruits must complete the course in week 20 of their 32-weel initial training course.

They also were given an overview of RM Officer training, shown the facilities at CTC and found out about the history of the Corps.

Royal Marines Officer Captain Rohan Fry, who is presently a Divisional Officer at BRNC, said: "BRNC has a close relationship with the Commando Training Centre and interaction between the two sets of cadets is beneficial to provide each with a better understanding of each other's roles within the Naval Service."

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