Chinese Visitors to BRNC

  • Author: Nichola Aldridge
  • Date: Thursday 14th December 2017
Chinese Visitors to BRNC

Visitors from the Far East and Europe have been welcomed to BRNC as part of the Royal Navy7's international links.

Five cadets from the WUHAN Naval University of Engineering in the People's Liberation Army (Navy) (PLA(N)), joined BRNC Officer Cadets on the River Dart during two weeks at the College.

in addition as part of the on-going exchange programme between the RN and the PLA(N), a two day training symposium was held at BRNC. Attended by representatives from both organisatons it reviewed progress and identified further training opportunities. 

Captain Jol Woodard, Captain BRNC, said: "BRNC plays a key role ion Defence Engagement, from the international cadets who are sent to us by their navies and defence forces for training, to the influential visitors such as those we have seen over recent weeks. We actively compare notes on training methods and leadership thinking woith other organisations. Years of success has taught us the importance of shared experience and continual learning. For the RN cadets, the experience of training in an international environment is great grounding for their future careers and often generates life-long bonds and friendships."

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