International Experience for Local Beaver and Cub Scout Group

  • Author: BRNC
  • Date: Tuesday 19th February 2019
International Experience for Local Beaver and Cub Scout Group International Experience for Local Beaver and Cub Scout Group

Beavers and Cubs from the 1st Dartmouth Scout Group have visited Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) as they work towards their International Activity Badge.


The group of 17 Beavers and 17 Cubs, plus their leaders, met up with some of the international students undergoing training at the College.  As well as exploring the traditions and culture of the Cadets’ countries, they also learnt how to write their names in Arabic, tried out different kinds of food, learnt a traditional song and dance, and were taught how to say hello and goodbye in a foreign language.


Laura Howell, who is known as Foxglove to the Beavers and Cubs, said:  “During the evening at BRNC we covered all the requirements for the badge, bar those about Scouting around the world.  It was a fantastic experience for all of us and we are extremely grateful to the College for putting the evening on for us.”


There are currently nearly 50 international Cadets from 15 countries at the College.  The students are undergoing a range of training, which includes English language training, degree courses and participating in the initial naval training course for Officers alongside Cadets destined for a career in the Royal Navy.


Lieutenant Commander Chris Evans, BRNC’s Naval Tutor, said:  The cadets were delighted to take the opportunity to talk about their home country; to share their knowledge and experiences, to show how scouting is the same for them at home and to compare local food & delicacies. They relished the opportunity to meet 1st Dartmouth Scout group and to engage with the children. The visit was educational for both groups.”

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