BRNC Cadets Step Aboard ROyal Navy's Newest Ship

  • Author: BRNC
  • Date: Wednesday 12th September 2018
BRNC Cadets Step Aboard ROyal Navy's Newest Ship BRNC Cadets Step Aboard ROyal Navy's Newest Ship

Cadets from BRNC have had their first look on board the Royal Navy’s new hydrographic survey ship.

HMS Magpie, which was formally commissioned in June and is based at Devonport Naval Base, paid her first visit to the River Dart in September.  The ship is an 18-metre catamaran and provides an essential survey and underwater survey capability.

Cadets from the College were invited to take-a-look around the ship and get an insight into her capabilities and her sophisticated equipment.

Officer Cadet Jacob Gibson said “It’s a really exciting opportunity to come on board.  We’re half-way through initial training and to see the opportunities that are provided with the new vessels coming into the Fleet, at one end of the spectrum you’ve got Magpie and the other end you’ve got HMS Queen Elizabeth.  The survey potential within the Royal Navy is really exciting.”

HMS Magpie replaced HMS Gleaner, which paid off earlier this year after 35 years’ service.  She is the first vessel to be delivered under a contract negotiated by Defence Equipment and Support with Atlas Elektronik UK Ltd.  The contract is also set to deliver new boats for Britannia Royal Naval College, which will replace the familiar Picket Boats used by Cadets during their training.

The only Royal Navy ship of her type, HMS Magpie is highly capable.  She has on board the latest high-resolution, shallow-water multi-beam echo sounder and side-scan sonar and can launch remote-controlled underwater devices to search wide areas of the sea bed for obstructions and mines.

Lt Cdr William Alexander, HMS Magpie’s Commanding Officer, said: “This is the first time that HMS Magpie has sailed under the white ensign following our commissioning in June.  The ship's primary role is to maintain the integrity of coastal waters, ensuring safety of navigation and the resilience of key national infrastructure in UK ports. With an enduring presence around the UK, she will also contribute to national security at sea.”

The current HMS Magpie is the eighth Royal Naval vessel to bear the name.  Her predecessor was an anti-submarine frigate, launched in 1943 and broken up in 1959.  That ship was the only vessel commanded by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, who was at the helm between 1950 and 1952, while the ship was operating in the Mediterranean.

After two days in the River Dart, HMS Magpie left to pay her first visit to her affiliated town of Salcombe.


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