Cadets Support the Local Community

  • Author: BRNC
  • Date: Wednesday 10th October 2018

Cadets from Britannia Royal Naval College lent their support to the Dartmouth Orchard and a church in near-by Modbury for their autumn-term outreach projects in the community.


To assist the team who deliver most of the care and maintenance of the Dartmouth Orchard, a group of international Cadets raked up the grass strimmings in the western paddock after the area had been cut by Groundsman Rob Harkness and his team.  They also got stuck into work to maintain the hedgerows along the boundaries which are so important for bats and other wildlife, cutting back where needed and clearing out invasive plants from the base.


To finish a hard, but enjoyable day’s work the Cadets were tasked with pressing the remaining apples from the autumn crop to make eight litres of juice which were donated to the Dartmouth Food Bank.


Chairman of the Friends of Dartmouth Orchard, Peter Shaw said: “There’s always work to do; presently that includes tree pruning and further scrub clearance, but thanks to the joint efforts of the town groundsman’s team, the Friends, and the local community, the Orchard will be kept in good fettle and remain the wonderful place it is for people and wildlife; one of Dartmouth’s gems.”


A group of Cadets also helped at St George’s church in Modbury. There they supported a clean-up of the graves, gathering leaves and other debris as well as removing the ivy that had consumed some of the headstones.  The debris was disposed of by a bonfire.  Several cadets were tasked with remapping the graveyard recording the names of the deceased to add to the church’s records.


Warrant Officer Sean Childs, BRNC’s Base Warrant Officer, said: “Outreach is a very important part of initial naval training for the Officer Cadets.  It gives them the opportunity to engage with various communities and organisations, encourages interaction and relationships, and puts into practice many of the skills which they’ve been taught during their training, albeit a completely different environment and scenario.  As well as aiding the local community, it also provides Officer Cadets and their Divisions some good practice in which to develop for non-combative operations which the Royal Navy regularly undertakes around the globe, in particular helping communities in disaster relief operations.”

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