Tackling the Recycling Challenge at BRNC

  • Author: BRNC
  • Date: Wednesday 16th January 2019
Tackling the Recycling Challenge at BRNC

Britannia Royal Naval College has taken another step towards zero waste by providing all military staff and cadets with a BRNC-branded reusable thermal cup.


Lt Cdr Nicky Cullen, the First Lieutenant, said “I was impressed at the amount of waste that we do recycle at the College. However, dregs from the hundreds of paper cups that we were using daily in the all ranks coffee lounge were contaminating recyclable rubbish and this meant that it all has to go to landfill.”


Using monies from a welfare fund and with logistical support from the Britannia Association, Lt Cdr Cullen has been able to purchase corporate branded thermal mugs to be issued to all the College military personnel, including the 152 New Entry who joined in early January.


She said: “I am really pleased with this initiative. Not only have I noticed a reduction in waste in a couple of days, but the cleaners have commented that they don’t have to empty coffee drip-filled bags making their job easier and cleaner. Cadets and staff alike feel proud that they are doing their little bit for the environment and I have received considerable positive feedback”.


Lt Cdr Cullen is now encouraging all visiting courses to either bring their own thermal mugs or take the opportunity to buy the BRNC mugs from the Gift Shop now run by the Britannia Association or from the on-line shop www.britanniaassociation.org.uk

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