RNR Officers Commission at BRNC Parade

  • Author: BRNC
  • Date: Thursday 7th March 2019
RNR Officers Commission at BRNC Parade

A veterinary surgeon, a history teacher and a residential care worker were among the latest group of Royal Navy Reservists (RNR) to complete training at Britannia Royal Naval College.

The group of 14 Officer Cadets gave up their civilian lives for two weeks in uniform to complete their RNR confirmation course, which ended with their formal commissioning as Officers.

Prior to attending the course, the students had been working hard to develop their skills within their units, having joined the RNR approximately a year ago.  Arriving at BRNC they were ready to take on three days of intense training to refine their boat skills on the River Dart; an exercise on Dartmoor and within the grounds of BRNC; as well as ceremonial training, weapons training, strategic studies, theoretical and practical leadership development, and gruelling physical sessions. 

Midshipman Alec Richardson, who works as a project officer, said: “'The course was a challenging and informative couple of weeks, following a steep learning curve it was a great experience to get up to speed working alongside the regulars and in the inspiring surroundings of BRNC and Dartmoor. I have had a great time and was sad it ended when it did, but I look forward to returning for the next stage of my training.” 

Midshipman Nathan Hazeldene is also a project officer in civilian life, working within the education sector in London.  He said: “The course was absolutely phenomenal.  It was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. It was physically demanding and intellectually there was a lot to take on board. I have a friend going through the full-time course and I’d briefed him in preparation for his Admiralty Interview Board and he returned the favour, helping me to know what to expect at BRNC. Overall the regular Officer Cadets were really supportive of us.” 

At the end of their course the RNR Officers took part in a passing-out-parade watched by their families and friends. Captain Jol Woodard, Captain BRNC, was the inspecting officer.  

This was the first confirmation course held at BRNC this year.  Those taking part came from various RNR units across the UK including HMS Flying Fox in Bristol, HMS President in London, HMS Forward in Birmingham, HMS Calliope in Newcastle, HMS King Alfred in Portsmouth and HMS Ferret in Chicksands. There were also two students from the University Royal Navy Units based in London and Glasgow. 

The Maritime Reserves is made of the RNR and the Royal Marines Reserves.  In many cases reservists are indistinguishable from their regular counterparts.  In recent years the Maritime Reserves has been involved in a range of operations including counter-terrorism and anti-piracy work in the Gulf. 

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