Twinning Benefits with Dartmouth Academy

  • Author: Nichola Aldridge
  • Date: Wednesday 17th April 2019
Twinning Benefits with Dartmouth Academy Twinning Benefits with Dartmouth Academy

Students from Dartmouth Academy have been rewarded for their positive behaviour for learning with a visit to Britannia Royal Naval College.

The group of 12, who are currently in year 10 at the Academy, spent a day at the College finding out about the Royal Navy, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) and taking part in some of the training.  

They were introduced to the physical training that the Officer Cadets undertake during their initial naval training, which focusses on development and team-work. 

The group also joined some of the RFA cadets on the bridge simulator where they acted as the Captain, Navigator, Officer of the Watch and Helmsman. They really enjoyed being able to experience what it is like to steer a multi-million pound ship into harbour on the computerised system.

Other highlights of the visit included a chance to get out onto the River in the small Motor Whaler boats, accompanied again by the RFA cadets. 

Officer Cadet Lisa Finlayson, a RFA Officer Cadet, said: “It was nice to have the students visit and be enthusiastic about what we do here.  They also took an interest in the RFA and how we differ from the Royal Navy. Some students are interested in careers in the Armed Forces so it was beneficial for them to talk to the cadets here to increase their knowledge.”  

The visit came about as part of the twinning agreement between the Academy and the College, which was signed in 2018.  Under the agreement Officer Cadets from BRNC and pupils of the Academy meet regularly to interact in an educational, cultural and sporting environment, with the intention of improving the understanding of the Royal Navy, community relations and international culture.

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