Initial Sea Time for BRNC Cadets

  • Author: Nichola Aldridge
  • Date: Thursday 13th June 2019
Initial Sea Time for BRNC Cadets

Officer Cadets from Britannia Royal Navy College are getting to grips to life at sea on board the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth.Over 70 Cadets have joined the ship for their initial sea time.  The five weeks on board is designed to give the Cadets as understanding how each department contributes to the operational capability of the ship.  It also serves as an introduction to the management structure on board and provides a context for the training they have already completed at BRNC.

BRNC’s Lieutenant Commander Scott Hamer, who is in charge of the Cadets’ initial sea time, said:  “This is the first time that our Cadets have embarked on board HMS Queen Elizabeth for initial sea time and we’re very grateful to the ship for giving them this opportunity.  It’s a chance for the Cadets to see and be a part of the Royal Navy’s future capability, while living and working alongside the junior ratings; the men and women they will lead in the future.”

HMS Queen Elizabeth has recently returned to Portsmouth Naval Base following a successful docking period in Rosyth.  During her time out of the water, 284 hull valves were changed, both rudder blades were removed and cleaned, her sea inlet pipes were inspected, all sacrificial anodes were replaced and a renewed coat of anti-foul paint was applied to the ship’s bottom. The huge port and starboard anchors and cables were also laid out along the length of the dock to allow them to be inspected.

The docking period was a mandatory requirement and its successful completion means that HMS Queen Elizabeth should not need to dock down again for another six years. The ship is due to sail later this month with the Cadets on board to continue her sea trials

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