Dartmouth Academy Visits

  • Author: Nichola Aldridge
  • Date: Tuesday 30th July 2019
Dartmouth Academy Visits Dartmouth Academy Visits

Students from Dartmouth Academy have been visiting Britannia Royal Naval College over the past month some as part of their ‘challenge week’ others for GCSE photography course work.

A group of 14-year-olds photographers were the first to visit the College and were hosted by Mr Craig Keating, BRNC’s photographer, who also shared with the students his tips on camera settings and taking pictures. Accompanied by their teacher, Miss Sue McNiven they were treated to a morning photographing the architecture including the chapel and the main corridor to enhance their portfolio.

Sue McNiven said: “The students are studying AQA Art and Design GCSE photography, which they’ll complete in two years’ time.  We are currently doing a project called ‘My Environment’, as their coursework, which is 60% of their final mark.  This is a fantastic opportunity for them to take a variety of shots and it will make their portfolios a lot more exciting.”

Katie Carpenter, aged 14, has family who work at the College. She said: “I love taking pictures of the view, the animals and the history of places.  It’s been great taking pictures of all the different places at the College. I’ve learnt lots from Craig, like how to put my camera into manual and how to change it from dark to bright.”

Students from Year 2 (6-7-year-olds) and Year 10 (14-15-year-olds) visited for the Academy’s challenge week.  While the younger children were given a tour of Hindostan, a decommissioned minesweeper moored on the River Dart, used for seamanship training, the older students took part in a variety of activities to promote team-working and leadership.  Their time at the College included the chance to experience the low-ropes training facility, an introduction to navigation in BRNC’s state-of-the-art bridge simulator and an opportunity to get out onto the water in small boats.

Teacher Nick Schofield said:  “At the end of each academic year we have a challenge week throughout the school from Year 1 to Year 11, where we try to broaden the students’ horizons, team-build and basically get them out of the classroom to see what’s around them. They get a lot of fun from this and a whole list of other things.”

The visits came about as part of the twinning agreement between the Academy and the College, which was signed in 2018.  Under the agreement Officer Cadets from BRNC and pupils of the Academy meet regularly to interact in an educational, cultural and sporting environment, with the intention of improving the understanding of the Royal Navy, community relations and international culture.

In recent weeks BRNC has also played host to young people from schools across Devon and Cornwall taking part in a work experience programme with Devonport Naval Base as well as under-graduates signed up to a six-week internship with the Royal Navy.

Additionally, a group of potential officer recruits for the Royal Navy have spent a weekend at the College experiencing the day-to-day life and aspects of training.
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