Exercise HAVOC

  • Author: Nichola Aldridge
  • Date: Thursday 22nd July 2021
Exercise HAVOC Exercise HAVOC

Officer Cadets (OCs) at Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) completed the first milestone of their 29-week course in June.

Exercise Havoc takes place in the Cadets’ fifth week at BRNC and marks a significant point in their steep learning-curve of training. 

OC Leo Bigwood, aged 22, from Bath, said: “Everything we had learned in the preceding weeks was crammed into a single, very busy, day.”

During their frantic day around the College building and grounds the OCs faced a multitude of physical and academic hurdles. Challenges ranged from navigation and naval knowledge exams to fitness and boat-handling tests on the River Dart.

The cadets also were pitted against each other in their respective divisions for a team-work challenge which climaxed in a tough log-carry race around BRNC’s hilly estate with the senior entry cheering them on.

OC Benjamin Foston, aged 23 from North Wales, said: “The exercise has given us the determination to continue with the standards we set ourselves and a belief that when we work together, we can accomplish anything.” 

The day of Exercise HAVOC also provides a great marker for the OCs to appreciate how much they have developed in their relatively short time at the College. 

OC Oliver Hall-Tomkin, aged 23 from Exeter, said: “The whole day was very physically demanding; you had to give it your all and now I know I can push myself harder than I ever knew.”

With Drake Division crowned the winners of Exercise HAVOC, the OCs now look forward to a tough exercise on Dartmoor for their first assessed leadership tasks.


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