Three Carters On Parade At BRNC

  • Author: RN Media
  • Date: Tuesday 26th April 2022
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Three Carters On Parade At BRNC Three Carters On Parade At BRNC Three Carters On Parade At BRNC

Three generations of the Carter Family were at BRNC for the Easter Passout of Royal Navy Officer Cadets at Britannia Royal Naval College. 

Joining 150 other future leaders of the Royal Navy was the youngest family member, Midshipman Alexander Carter (23) who is set on an Engineering career after his time in Dartmouth, where he has been over the past six months. 

Witnessing the parade was father, retired Commander Ashley Carter (59) who was on the same parade ground at BRNC in July 1981 and retired Lieutenant Commander George Carter (89), who completed his time at Dartmouth in 1951 having joined the college in 1949.  Both served over 20 years as Engineering Officers.

“It’s been a long journey to get here today,” said Alexander. “It’s been good fun getting to know the other cadets and through all the challenges along the way. I knew all about the Royal Navy from a very young age, with both my father and grandfather serving, but it wasn’t something I was pressurised into doing. Then as I finished University, I began to look at my options and thought seriously about joining. I thought if it was good enough for them, then it would be good enough for me.

“After over six months of training, I’m very proud of my achievement. Not everyone makes it through, and it is challenging in many aspects and at times you do think is this meant for me, especially when you are getting up at half five in the morning for a run around the college.”

Ashley Carter dusted off his uniform for the occasion and reminisced about his time at Dartmouth.  “It is great to be able to watch Alex pass out,” said Ashley. “It has taken me back 40 years, on one hand everything changed in terms of the training scheme, but almost nothing has changed in terms of the buildings and the challenges young officers face in the college, on the river and on the moors.”

The senior member of the trio, George Carter, is also proud to be attending this special day with Alexander and shared his personal thought on the day.

“It is sort of the end of a dream for me, both my son and now my grandson passing out at Dartmouth, all three in the Royal Navy, couldn’t be better,” said George. “Now Alex has got to have a son as well to carry on the tradition, no doubt about it”

“I didn’t get too emotional, watching Alex slow march through the college doors on his way to a career in the Fleet.  I remembered the day when Ashley passed out here, and when I was on the parade ground as well. This is really the start of Alex’s journey in the Royal Navy, it was brilliant for me and Ashley and I’m certain Alex will have a similarly brilliant time.”

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