Tough Guy Competition

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  • Date: Friday 19th February 2010
Tough Guy Competition Tough Guy Competition Tough Guy Competition

On a freezing morning at the end of January a fearless team of nine set forth from Britannia Royal Naval College to take part in the Tough Guy Competition being held in the Midlands. Participation in the event, which claims to be the original, ultimate challenge, was the bright idea of Sub Lieutenant Tom Hazel. Tom had done the gruelling 8 mile course with friends from Manchester University.


“I knew that the competition could really prove our courage and spirit to fight and win if we approached it as a team rather than a group of individuals” said Tom before the event. “There were nine of us in the team. We did some training around the college grounds and in Dartmouth beforehand with the snow and ice at the start of term lending an edge to it all.”


Setting out from BRNC just after five on the morning of the event the nine hardy runners, two who have moved on to other establishments after passing out in December, were delighted the support team was there to do the driving. As they drew close to the track the queue of traffic was a clear indication of the numbers taking part, five thousand set off from the start line.


“Our rule was never to run alone so we ended up in three groups of three and together we faced the huge man-made barriers, freezing water, miles of mud, not to mention the fire and electric fence obstacles,” explained Tom.


“It was quite a shock,” commented Midshipman Rich Green “that the water for us at the drink stations had ice in it, it was that cold. Thankfully the breeze was quite light though.”


Fellow competitors were passed en-route just as the BRNC team was overtaken. At one point Sub Lieutenant Hines passed a group that looked like a military team.  “Are you from the Army?” (to which they whimpered yes) “We’re from the Royal Navy, try and keep up.”


As a team all nine members from BRNC completed the course in a satisfactory time of two hours fifty. “It was all about the team,” said Tom Hazel “training at BRNC has helped us all to develop the solid determination to get through, no matter what. A significant sense of achievement was there for us all.”


Overall ten percent of starters did not complete the challenge. “We were all shattered by the end but it was the cold more than anything that wears you down,” explained Sub Lieutenant Rob Moore. “Our support team, especially the college nurse Linda Jones, did a fantastic job looking after us.”



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