Working with the National Trust

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  • Date: Friday 19th February 2010
Working with the National Trust Working with the National Trust

As part of the outreach work undertaken by Officer Cadets at Britannia Royal Naval College a group visited the Greenway Estate to work under the direction of National Trust grounds-man, Ben Rugman.


The Cadets were all members of Diamond division and their effort was of diamond quality as the working party achieved a huge amount during their visit.


“The work carried out by the cadets provides farmers with a natural barrier for their live stock and is a fantastic habitat for bird life,” explained Ben. “It is of such benefit to get an enthusiastic group of young people, ready to work hard. We got so much done.”


For the Cadets, the majority of who started initial officer training in January it was their first time outside the college boundaries.  “The outreach projects let us have some fun and relax even though we are working hard” commented Sub Lieutenant Hamish Maxwell.

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