Strength of German Twinning

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  • Date: Friday 19th February 2010
Strength of German Twinning

The Cadets and staff at Britannia Royal Naval College have recently hosted a two week long visit from the Marineschule Muerwik, their affiliated German Navy college.


To mark the start of the liaison visit Commodore Jake Moores, Commodore BRNC and Rear Admiral Mannhardt of the German Navy held a Detailing Conference reaffirming the official twinning agreement and considering the potential for the two colleges to work together during this coming year. Such cross training encourages a level of understanding, opportunities for an exchange of views and culture for both Young Officers under training and staff.


After Rear Admiral Mannhardt returned to Germany, sixteen GN cadets lived and worked alongside their RN counterparts supported by 2 members of their college staff and Lieutenant Klaus Kuschnik the German Navy Liaison Officer on the staff of BRNC.


In keeping with the training undertaken in BRNC there was an element of both academic and leadership work for the cadets to enjoy. They lived and worked alongside both the Initial Warfare Officer course and the New Entry RN Officer Cadets who joined the service in January. They enjoyed some English language training but everyone was impressed with their standard of English.


During the second week the cadets thoroughly enjoyed being fully integrated with the Basic Leadership Development phase of new entry training. This is carried out around the college grounds where various problems are set and the cadets take turns in both leading and being a team member. Staffs actively provide direction and instruction during the stances preparing the cadets for future leadership challenges. Camping out overnight sub-zero temperatures was experienced this term but all the GN Cadets enthusiastically embraced the task and enjoyed themselves.


The GLO at BRNC Lieutenant Kuschnik said of the two week visit “thanks to the whole college everyone involved with these two weeks have benefited in so many ways. Everyone at BRNC has made the German Navy Cadets so welcome and naturally we are looking forward to developing training opportunities.”


During the year BRNC will involve GN cadets during the Maritime Leadership exercise on the river and RN cadets will enjoy some advanced navigation and seamanship training at sea through the Marineshule Muerwik. Rounding off the time in BRNC with the New Entry Combined Squadron Mess Dinner where the Second Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Alan Massey was guest of honour proved both an exciting and impressive conclusion to the visit for the cadets.


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