Clay Pigeon Shooting

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  • Date: Tuesday 23rd February 2010
Clay Pigeon Shooting

When Lieutenant Chris Newman joined the staff at Britannia Royal Naval College he determined one of his aims was to get the Clay Pigeon Shooting Range back on track to introduce one of his favourite sports to Officer Cadets.

“I’ve been shooting since the age of ten,” Chris explained. “Lots of practice is the only way to become proficient in the sport and it is a great way to enjoy being in the fresh air.”

After returning from his time as a Divisional Officer with initial fleet time cadets, Chris, along with Chief Petty Officer Bill Amery, the International and Squadron Support Senior Rate in BRNC and fellow keen shot, set about rejuvenating the profile of Clay Pigeon shooting within the college.

“To start with there was a lot of self help gardening that we had to get done,” said Chris. “We needed to clear away quite a bit of overgrown scrub and foliage to ensure that a clear view of the clays could be achieved.”

After refurbishing the springing teal and crossing target clay traps everything was set for Commodore Jake Moores, Commodore BRNC, to undertake the official first shot.

“Throughout training cadets face many challenges which have to be underpinned with an awareness of safety routines,” commented Chief Amery. “Respect for the rifle and strict safety protocol is at the root of this sport so it compliments training development very well.”

At present the range is open during a Wednesday sports afternoon but once the lighter evening arrive the cry of “pull” is likely to be heard on a more regular basis.

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