SUY flex their muscles

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  • Date: Friday 12th March 2010
SUY flex their muscles SUY flex their muscles SUY flex their muscles

On a cold but bright Sunday morning in early March the Senior Upper Yardmen of Endurance Division, BRNC set out to St John’s Primary School in Totnes ready to tackle some tasks in the school’s extensive nature area.

When the team of twenty arrived the school tentatively described the work they wanted to get started and swiftly they got to work. Leading the team was Sub Lieutenant Matt Jakes. “It was great to get clear direction for the day and there was everything from weeding through to constructing a boardwalk across the muddy shoreline of a stream,” he said. “There was quite a lot of fallen and wood and debris to clear too and I think we all enjoyed the large bonfire that we naturally had to build and burn.”

Other jobs undertaken during the day included securing and constructing seating, clearing rubbish and fallen trees from the top of the stream to increase the flow at the bottom whilst also reorganising and consolidating an existing wood pile.

Janet Rabey, one of the teachers from St John’s said “the nature area is a long term, enduring school project and the energy and enthusiasm that the young officers brought to the site has been so valuable and really moved our programme of work along.”

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