Learning Technologies Day

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  • Date: Friday 12th March 2010
Learning Technologies Day Learning Technologies Day Learning Technologies Day

The Quarterdeck area inside Britannia Royal Naval College serves in many guises and over the years has seen numerous events and activities. Last week (4th March) it was filled with examples of the latest technologies available on the open market to enhance and assist in training delivery.

Commodore Jake Moores, Commodore BRNC set out last year the intent for ‘Britannia for the 21st Century’ and the equipment on display was certainly a reflection of that. The commercial host for the event was Matrix Display Systems who are part of Audio Visual Machines Ltd. They have been responsible for a large percentage of the work to upgrade classrooms in the college including the recent installation of 14 interactive whiteboards. The high standard of audio visual presentation now enjoyed in the large lecture theatre, Casper John Hall was also put into place by them. 

The products on display illustrated the wide variety of possibilities available, right across the spectrum, to assist in the development of innovative learning for a modern military college such as BRNC,” said Commodore Moores.

The event was organised by Bill Searle, VT Group NTES Resource Manager at BRNC and was an excellent showcase for companies which included ‘Smart’, ‘True Colours’, ‘Vivid Eye’ and ‘Albion’  and it was open to all staff, both Royal Navy and civilian across the training core stream and the wider MOD audience with one group travelling down from Blandford Forum.

“The mark of success for the day,” commented Bill Searle “could be heard in the questions asked at the event and the stimulating discussions that occurred over the following few days.” 

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