Rugby victory

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  • Date: Friday 14th May 2010
Rugby victory Rugby victory

The long awaited success of the RN at the annual Army versus Navy rugby match at Twickenham stadium in early May came as no surprise to the staff and cadets at BRNC. Our College rugby team had set the precedent with a glorious 23 point victory over the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, just six weeks before.

Amazingly the BRNC had only achieved one full training session before travelling to Sandhurst  - and that was the day before! Cadets attending university, initial fleet time and those studying within BRNC were all included in the squad.

During the first forty minutes BRNC outplayed RMAS in every area and  were the much more physical side. At half time the score stood at RMAS 0 : BRNC 18 so the second half started in the same vein. Making some timely substitutions allowed fresh legs onto the field of play but BRNC held firm.

Finishing at RMAS 0 : BRNC 23 the staff and cadets were justifiably proud of their achievement and had been completely in control throughout the match. Tactically and physically the RN had the upper hand, the hunger and desire to win was huge and their appetite was fulfilled with the victory.

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