Assistance for St John's Primary School

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  • Date: Wednesday 3rd November 2010
Assistance for St John's Primary School Assistance for St John's Primary School Assistance for St John's Primary School

For the Officer Cadets of Campbeltown Division in Britannia Royal Naval College some grounds clearance work was the order of the day a few weekends ago as they undertook their ‘outreach project’ working in support of the local community.


St John’s Primary School in Totnes was delighted to be visited by the group of 23 young men and women who joined the Royal Navy in September.


The school operates as a Forest School which seeks to educate its pupils outdoors as much as possible so that they learn by interacting with nature. Naturally maintaining such is site is a long-term challenge for the staff there so the injection of manpower to assist was most welcome.


Amongst the jobs Campbeltown Division got done was the renovation and relaying of some woodchip pathways, clearing the stream in the grounds of a build up of rubbish and natural detritus, building new steps into muddy slopes and covering wooden boardwalks with chicken wire to create a safer, non-slip surface.


After five hours work everyone involved with the day was very satisfied with what had been achieved.


Mrs Janet Raby, a staff member from St John’s Primary commented “All the cadets worked with such enthusiasm and good humour and simply got so much done. It is a huge help to us in the school.”


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