Chinese Connections

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  • Date: Wednesday 8th December 2010
Chinese Connections Chinese Connections

Commodore Jake Moores, Commodore Britannia Royal Naval College recently completed a week long formal visit to China to gain an insight to naval training in the country.

During the week he visited the Peoples Liberation Army (Navy) (PLA(N)) Headquarters in Beijing, the Dahlian Naval Academy, which has approximately 1,000 midshipmen training in the warfare specialisation and the Naval Engineering University at Wuhan with a similar number of engineering officer students. Both institutions have world class university facilities and all cadets graduate with a science or engineering degree.

Welcomed and hosted by Vice Admiral Su Shiliang, Chief of Staff PLA(N) there was also plenty of opportunity to meet some of the young officers under training.

"During this official visit to China I was struck by the warmth of hospitality and openness between our two navies," said Commodore Moores. "This visit was mutually beneficial and will hopefully lead to a stronger link between BRNC and the Dalian Academy."

It is hoped that a small group of RN Officer Cadets will be able to attend the Dalian International Week during the summer of 2011 with a reciprocal visit to BRNC later in the year.

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