Leadership Training for HMS Montrose

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  • Date: Friday 4th February 2011
Leadership Training for HMS Montrose Leadership Training for HMS Montrose

After returning from the high temperatures on deployment in the Indian Ocean members of HMS Montrose’s ships company took on a number of leadership training activities on a particularly cold day in late January in the grounds of Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.

"We wanted to give our more junior leaders the chance to learn outside of the normal working environment" explained the Commanding Officer, Commander Jonathan Lett. "A day such as we have experienced here is of benefit across all levels in respect of both individual and team development.

In their career progression through the rates all sailors have to complete leadership training to prepare for the responsibilities and roles expected of them on advancement. The main organiser for the day was Petty Officer Adam Cowling. "It is good to get out of the ship," he said "and discover what our strengths and potential weaknesses."

Leading Steward Simon Thorne admitted "it is so cold that adds an extra challenge for us all. We were routinely working in 35 degrees before Christmas – this is quite a shock to the system!"

Engineering Technician Tom Hilman recognised that the day was excellent preparation for his forthcoming leadership course whilst his fellow ET, Tom Stockton observed "I would prefer to do this in the summer months."

The idea to visit BRNC for leadership training initially came from the Weapons Engineering on board, Lieutenant Commander Mark Jones. "When I approached the Royal Navy Leadership Academy at BRNC the greater possibilities foe a whole ship evolution soon became apparent," he explained. "To be able to bring 24 of the ship’s company across to the excellent facilities at the College for a bespoke days training is just brilliant."

The verdict of the team at the end of the day was extremely positive and they have already decided they want to return to faces the challenges of the high ropes course soon to come into operation.

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