German Navy Liaison

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  • Date: Friday 11th February 2011
German Navy Liaison German Navy Liaison

For 18 cadets from Marineschule Muerwik, Flensburg the last two weeks at Britannia Royal Naval College has been a worthwhile, challenging and fun experience.

They have lived and worked alongside their RN counterparts enjoying both classroom orientated work and being fully involved with new entry cadets during the Basic Leadership Development (BLD) exercise.

During the first week of the visit the cadets enjoyed a variety of lectures including a session in the laboratories investigating ship stability with Mr Bill Thomson, University of Plymouth lecturer.

"You have to really concentrate on the language at the start," remarked one cadet "but as the days progressed it did become easier. It was great when some of the RN cadets made the effort to speak to us in German too."

The second week was fully focussed on leadership training as the group was integrated into teams for BLD, working at various tasks around the grounds of the college. Camping out over three nights the basics of field craft and survival skills are taught including the principals of ‘wet/dry’ routine.

"We don’t do this in our training," the German cadets explained "and having to put soaking wet clothes on is horrible. Having done it though there is a sense of achievement."

They all recognise that as they return to Germany the BRNC cadets are preparing for four days on Dartmoor. "We had a half day hike up on Dartmoor and very quickly recognised that the training out there will be extremely challenging, they said.

During their final full day in BRNC the German Cadets presented a book about the centenary of the Muerwik Academy to the college as a thank-you for the welcome they had received from both staff and cadets before enjoying the New Entry Mess Dinner in the Senior Gunroom.

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