International Day

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  • Date: Wednesday 20th July 2011
International Day International Day International Day

The Quarterdeck area within Britannia Royal Naval College was buzzing to the sound of many questions being asked of the International Students presently studying in the College as they manned stands displaying information about their countries and cultures.

Many flags of the twenty-two nations represented hung down from the upper railings and everyone enjoyed having the opportunity to ask about anything from local cuisine to the differences between city and rural life, what it was like to wear their national dress and indeed what the different insignia on their uniforms meant.

“During their time here at BRNC International cadets can lose something of their individual identities as they are absorbed into the Royal Navy training regime,” explained Mr Les Sheppard of VT Flagship, the International Students Welfare Officer.
“International Day gave them all the chance to show BRNC exactly who they are and where they come from.”

Information on countries as far apart as Estonia and Tonga, The Bahamas to Kenya and Malta to Ghana and plus most of the Middle Eastern countries was on display. There were some wonderful photographs illustrating the wide variety of flora and fauna and the young men and women were understandably proud as they spoke of their heritage and different cultures to members of the wider College community.

“It was really good to be able to show and talk to people we have worked alongside and been trained by, about our own countries,” said Officer Cadet Nahian Milky of the Bangladesh Navy.

The First Lieutenant of BRNC, Lieutenant Commander Andy Harrison is the lead Equality Diversity Advisor in the college and really appreciated the work the cadets had put into getting the displays together. He commented “It was a real pleasure to see such a vast array of different cultures within the College. International Day is all about understanding and respecting other people’s beliefs and ways of life, as we would expect someone to respect ours. It is about supporting individuals in keeping their cultural traditions alive at the College and appreciating the fact that all these different cultural traditions will enrich our Naval Officers life both today and in the future.”

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