Summer Salute

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  • Date: Wednesday 10th August 2011
Summer Salute Summer Salute

The traditional slow march from the parade ground and in through the large front doors of Britannia Royal Naval College took place in early August at the Passing-out Parade which marks completion of Initial Officer Training. As family and friends from around the world watched from the ramparts the most recently commissioned Young Officers in the Royal Navy and their international counterparts assembled on the parade ground before the inspecting officer Vice Admiral Andy Mathews, the Chief of Materiel (Fleet) Defence Equipment and Support the most senior Engineer Officer in the Royal Navy.

As the Guest of Honour Vice Admiral Mathews addressed the parade having inspected the passing-out divisions. During his speech he recalled his own passing-out parade 34-years ago when he stood full of expectation and pride, along with some nerves at the start of his RN career. He remarked that all the Navies represented on parade have long and illustrious histories.

“It’s that history that is the foundation of today’s modern Navy, it is what shapes what we are and how we behave. It’s about the Navy’s ability to change and move with the times and technology which moves on a pace but our people remains absolutely core. They are our strength, our differentiator, our life blood.”

There were over 13 nations represented amongst the young officers passing-out and everyone was thankful that the rain held off throughout the ceremony which was executed with the high standards expected at Britannia Royal Naval College.

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