Sierra Leone EXTA

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  • Date: Wednesday 12th October 2011
Sierra Leone EXTA

The Britannia Association approved a grant bid from BA member Lt Cdr Adrian Harris to assist towards the funding of a BRNC external training activity during this summer. It was to take 8 Officer Cadets and 2 staff members to the Republic of Sierra Leone to work with their Armed Forces (RSLAF).

Hosted by the International Military Advisory and Training Team who have been in the country for 10 years, the plan was for the Cadets to deliver a package of practical leadership tasks that they had designed themselves. The tasks focus on aspects of leadership such as prioritisation, effective use of resources, communication and delegation, as well as testing the effective intelligence of both leader and team to solve the problems with which they were presented.

Benefiting from the training were over 100 members of the Military Police various infantry regiments ranging in rank from privates to lieutenants, the Maritime Wing of the RSLAF, the Maritime Police, civilian police and a class of newly qualified infantry officers.

“The maritime group were particularly enthusiastic about the training as their captain is a former BRNC graduate” said Officer Cadet Katy Henderson.

Although each course was only two days long, a massive improvement was noticeable within every group at the end.

“Very few of the trainees had received any sort of leadership training before”, explained Lt Francis Griffiths, from the Royal Navy Leadership Academy staff at BRNC and BA member. “They all responded positively to the coaching offered”.

Lieutenant Commander Harris added “The standard of training given by the Officer Cadets was quite remarkable, especially considering they were delivering training they themselves had received only a few weeks beforehand.” 


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