Maritime Security Seminar

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  • Date: Friday 11th November 2011
Maritime Security Seminar Maritime Security Seminar

Britannia Association members were invited to join an audience of College students and Staff Officers as the College welcomed speakers from internationally renowned IHS Jane’s for a Maritime Piracy seminar. The evening provided an analysis of piracy and counter-piracy tactics, techniques and procedures. Naturally the topic of maritime piracy is very current news and has been an element of the Strategic Studies at the college for a number of years.

The informative and thought provoking presentations explained the concept of the tactical maritime ‘ink spot’ and how the effort to secure the deep ocean requires a balance of measures and a layered approach to disrupting the activities of the pirates. The rising threat of piracy off West Africa was referred to and the addition of armed guards on merchant vessels was discussed.

The question and answer session which drew the seminar to a close saw questions being asked by both serving and retired personnel many with experience of counter piracy operations.  

The fifty BA members and their guests enjoyed the evening and appreciated the dynamism of the outside speakers providing them with a perspective of this diverse and extremely relevant subject area. 

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