Annapolis Cadets visit BRNC

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  • Date: Monday 30th July 2012
Annapolis Cadets visit BRNC Annapolis Cadets visit BRNC

A group of US Navy Midshipmen got an insight into the training provided to their Royal Naval counterparts during a recent week long visit to Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.

During their stay, the US Navy personnel were given a full tour of the College and were able to meet with the RN Officer Cadets undergoing their 30-week initial naval training course.  The visitors took part in a range of activities at the College including boat handling out on the River Dart, fitness sessions and navigation training.  They also visited the Commando Training Centre, Lympstone, where they tackled the endurance course.

The US Navy Midshipmen are currently undertaking a four-year course at the US Naval Academy at Annapolis in Maryland.  Midshipmen Tyler Ledoux, aged 22, said:  “It’s been great coming to BRNC.  A group from the Royal Navy College came to us last year.  It’s been good being out in the picket boats on the river and to take part in the endurance course at the Commando Training Centre.  There was not as much water as normal, but a lot of mud, so it was great fun.  Our training is very similar to the Royal Navy, but there is a slight difference in the methods we use for navigation and that type of thing, so that’s been a bit tricky.”

The visited was hosted by BRNC’s US Navy Liaison Officer, Lieutenant Matt Kenfield.  He said:  “Visits like this one are great for strengthening relationships between BRNC and the US Naval Academy.  Not only does it keep communication going between the two institutions, it allows us to exchange ideas in the way we train future Naval Officers. The BRNC cadets and USNA Midshipmen will take the lessons and experiences of this week into the Fleet with them and our Navies will be better for it.  I hope that we can make this exchange an ongoing arrangement and even lengthen the stay for the USNA Midshipmen during subsequent visits.  The benefit is really invaluable.”

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