Diving Expedition

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  • Date: Tuesday 9th October 2012
Diving Expedition Diving Expedition

The value of adventure training activities for team building and an individual’s personal development has long since been understood in the Armed Forces. Naturally Britannia Royal Naval College promotes involvement with such activities and encourages all personnel to avail themselves of opportunities as and when they arise.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of College lecturer and BA member Jez Spring, involvement with the sport of diving is available at BRNC. The Britannia Association has supported some diving expeditions too making a small grant on occasion.

Recently BRNC and HMS Raleigh teamed up to provide a diving expedition to Ascension Island. The group of twelve included four novice divers and everyone had to work hard together to maximize the time available for diving. Each person carried out eighteen dives around the island, including a night dive and benefited from one of the teams diving experience in the region.

Sub Lieutenant Nicola Williams was on the expedition. "I loved the dives on the China wreck and Boatswain Bird Island. Although none of us saw any sharks swimming alongside a green turtle was amazing," she stated. "On our final dive it was awe-inspiring to swim alongside a manta ray with huge wingspan and fish attached to its back - a wonderful way to conclude the adventure."

By the end of the nine days of diving four of the group had gained ocean diver qualifications and seven sports diver certificates were also awarded.

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