• Hitler's Ghost Ships: Graf Spee, Scharnhorst and Disguised German Raiders (Hardback)

Hitler's Ghost Ships: Graf Spee, Scharnhorst and Disguised German Raiders (Hardback)

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Publication date: April 2012

ISBN 978-1-84102-307-6 

Hardback 230 x 150mm

224 pages

• The German Navy’s tactics of disguise to isolate island Britain 
• One of a new series of previously restricted and classified documents 
• Material selected and introduced by expert military historians 
• Published in collaboration with Britannia Royal Naval College

The war mission of the German surface fleet included keeping the Royal Navy out of the Baltic. War against British commerce was the primary task of the German submarines, who hoped to strangle Britain’s imports of food and war materials. Disguised Auxiliary cruisers could sidle up to merchant vessels undetected as they were flying a neutral flag, similar to 17th century pirate ships. Completion of the disguised ships was difficult and took its toll on the German dockyard workers and crews, sailing in waters dominated by the Royal Navy. The Battle Summaries chart how the Royal Navy dealt with the threat of these raiders of 70 years ago. 

The foreword is by Admiral Sir Jonathon Band, former First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff. The introduction, by Dr G H Bennett, expertly guides the reader through a level of detail that does not appear in post-war accounts, putting the summary in context. Dr Bennett is an Associate Professor of History at Plymouth University. 

About the series 

Never previously published in this format, documents once stamped ‘secret’ have been sourced from Britannia Royal Naval College’s Library. These include reports and plans drawn up by serving Royal Navy Officers during and immediately after World War II. Britannia Naval Histories of World War II also contain Germany’s recorded view of action against the British, with Hitler’s comments, as they were typed and filed at the time: the Fuehrer Conferences. Specially commissioned artwork apears on each front cover.

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